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King’s College is renowned for providing outstanding educational, cultural and sporting opportunities for young men and women. 

It’s thanks to the support of the community: past and current parents, Old Collegians and their families, and many others who appreciate the value of a King’s College education that we can continue to do so. A gift to any one of these projects or funds is an investment in our students – and creates a brighter future.

  • Performing Arts Centre - A seat in your honour - $2,500

    Creative Minds

    Work has commenced on our newest production, the most ambitious in the history of King’s College. We are building a first-class, multidisciplinary Performing Arts Centre at the school set to be completed in late 2023.

    The College is excited about the addition of a Performing Arts Centre to the facilities of King’s College. Not only does it exemplify the College’s commitment to the Performing Arts but endorses existing programmes and introduces new art forms to the College’s offer to students.

    With our new facility will come new capabilities. A specialist theatre with flexibility, malleability and unconstrained structure will enable traditional and new ways to perform. With specialist sound, lighting and set infrastructure the College will also be able to teach sound, lighting and set design within the precinct. To that we add a specialist orchestra room, three teaching spaces, a specialist dance and drama space as well as the various connecting elements which in themselves enable the multi-disciplinary approaches we seek within the Performing Arts.

    The building itself encapsulates and exudes the very notions we are trying to create and enable in our young people. It demonstrates both structure and creativity, enabling within our students the craft which is Performing Arts. One of the ways to support this remarkable development is to make a contribution and have a theatre seat named in your honour. It will help to ensure that high quality arts experiences are available to our students for generations to come.

    For more information on how you can join the Cast and partner with us as we boldly embrace the future of Performing Arts at King's, click here.

    There are a limited number of theatre seats available, so please do be quick.

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  • Service Books - $150

    Service Book

    In 2022 the College will celebrate 100 years since the Memorial Chapel’s Foundation Stone was laid. The stone represents faith, the ‘foundation’ on which King’s was built. Over this time the Chapel has been a centre of support, personal alignment and inner strength. Through the Chapel and our Anglican faith, our students are guided to look beyond themselves and to live lives of self-giving love.

    We are marking the occasion by introducing new service books, which will sit in beautiful leather-bound coverings so that they may be used for generations to come. Each service book contains prayers, services and an extensive selection of hymns and worship songs used in our Chapel services. The new books will also reflect more truly our three-tikanga relationship between tikanga Māori, tikanga Pākehā and tikanga Polynesia and offer prayers and songs that will reflect more truly the community we serve.

    Help us in this quest, and we will honour your contribution by dedicating a book to you, your family or an Old Collegian. This is your opportunity to leave your mark on the legacy of King’s, or the mark of someone particularly significant to you: past or present.

    The College will contact each Service Books donor direct to discuss their dedication inscription before production.

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  • Helping Hand Fund

     Helping Hand Fund

    This fund is to assist those students who do not have the financial means to participate in the College’s academic, cultural or sporting trips without special assistance. As one family commented, “It was not easy to ask for financial help, but when we needed it, it was given in a way that has not left us feeling beholden or humiliated, just grateful – thank you”.

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  • Scholarships and Bursaries

     Scholarships And Bursaries

    General scholarships are awarded to students based on merit and/or the need for financial assistance.

    Donations to this fund provide:

    • Academic scholarships based on the College’s Scholarship examinations.
    • Music scholarships and bursaries for students demonstrating proficiency in one or more instrument/sand taking an active part in performance music.
    • Boarding bursaries awarded to students with strong all-round ability.
    • Sports bursaries for students with exceptional all-round ability who otherwise would be unable to attend the College.
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  • Academic Development Programme

     Academic Development Programme

    The Academic Excellence fund gives staff access to the world’s most innovative educational practitioners each year, through invitational lectures and on-site demonstrations. Leading-edge, proven educational concepts are continuously rolled out across subjects, throughout the year for the benefit of every student.

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  • Cultural Excellence

     Cultural Excellence

    Whether it’s Glee Club, drama, Kapa Haka, rock and jazz, choir or orchestra, culture at King’s helps students develop leadership, discipline, resilience and social skills. Donations to Cultural Excellence will develop drama and music students, by contributing to specialist tutoring, facilities and equipment.

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  • Sporting Excellence Fund

     Sporting Excellence Fund

    The Sporting Excellence fund provides an extensive range of resources to help students in their physical pursuits. It allows the College to better develop students in all kinds of sports and athletics to help them reach their full potential. Part of the journey at King’s is to explore and develop interests outside of the classroom, which enrich students’ experiences throughout life.

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  • General Donation

     General Donation

    Donate to wherever funds are needed most.

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Alternatively, if you wish to donate offline via bank transfer or email please click here.

If you’d like to support a cause that you care about that isn’t listed above, please contact our friendly Development Team who are just a phone call or email away.