26 Jun 2018

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Following the success of her talk at the International Women’s Day Breakfast, Old Collegian Jo Martin, of BrandNewYou in Sydney, delivered another impressive and very engaging presentation to the Year 13 students on Monday 25 June.  

270618 jo martin.jpg


Her focus was personal brand reputation and being your best authentic self. Jo skillfully explained to the students how careful and deliberate they needed to be in creating and crafting their brand to portray their most authentic self.

She cautioned about online presence; that social media platforms were a wonderful tool but to take care and be deliberate with using them. “Everyone will google you- for example Principals of Residential Colleges to which you apply, or future employers!”

Jo also emphasised being deliberate and conscious of one’s actions. The bias halo effect was explained, in that the first words of personal brand are critical, and people perceive you and judge you by those.  

Jo talked about the importance of reciprocity in building relationships: “be the first to give and make it personal and unexpected”. Authority of presence was also referenced, and students appreciated the many valuable, takeaway messages Jo shared, especially the emphasis on real-time inter-personal presence, the “one thought one breath” mode of speaking or delivery, the value of connectivity, and the vital importance of being fully present, alert, aware and involved.

Claudia Marris (Year 13, Middlemore) thanked Jo on behalf of the year group, to warm, appreciative applause.