25 Mar 2015

Wednesday 25 March 2015

King's College Year 13 English students recently visited the Bruce Mason Centre to witness a modern re-making of a Shakespearean classic, Othello: The Remix.

Produced by Chicago Shakespeare Company and Q Brothers, this hip hop translation of Shakespeare himself illustrates that his genius lives on. In the play, his original rhythm and rhyme show themselves to be timeless, as they tell the tale of MC Othello as he raps his way out of the ghetto, wins the respect of the music industry and the love of Desdemona.

The re-imagining of Shakespeare’s work is ideal for educational purposes, as the meaning of the play can be lost over the considerable language gap. By re-imagining his work, it is translated and easily understandable, allowing the students full understanding of the play.

The King’s students saw the performance over third and fourth period, and were back in time for lunch.