28 May 2015

Thursday 28 May 2015

On Friday, 2 May, with a combination of excitement and curiosity for what the day ahead may bring, all Year 12 students from King’s College and Otahuhu College assembled in the Chapel to commence the annual King’s College/Otahuhu College Exchange.

Otahuxc2015 025

The Exchange is when students from these two neighbouring schools come together to experience how each College operates, as well as to build friendships in a relaxed, fun environment.

Following the Chapel Service, the students of Otahuhu and King’s were separated into two groups; the first group spent the morning at Otahuhu College, the second remained at King’s College.

At King's, the students spent the morning in the Great Hall playing name games and fun team building games, which encouraged the students to intermingle, talk and work together. At the beginning of these games, everyone was slightly awkward and shy. However, the atmosphere became more relaxed as conversations began, various games were played and jokes were shared.

The morning concluded with King’s College students guiding the Otahuhu College students around campus, showing the students the daily morning routine of a King’s College student.

The second half of the Exchange was spent at Otahuhu College. Here, King’s students were guided around the campus. It seemed strange to be on the other side of the fence, looking over at King’s. Even though our schools are in close proximity, while observing the College, it was interesting to see how different our two schools are.

After the tour of Otahuhu College, once again the larger group was split into smaller groups and participated in more fun games. By this time, everyone had become very familiar with one another and the hall in Otahuhu College was filled with chatter and

It was emotional saying goodbye to our new friends at the end of the day. The King's College/Otahuhu College Exchange proved that some of us may come from different backgrounds, different areas and attend a different school, but as teenagers we share common interests and aspirations.