12 Jan 2017

Thursday 12 January 2017

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2016 was a fantastic year for Year 11 girls at King’s following their welcome into the College in February.

With a healthy school roll of 60 Year 11 girls in Taylor and Middlemore Houses, there is no doubt this new initiative has been welcomed far and wide by the King’s community.

Headmaster Simon Lamb is pleased at the uptake of Year 11 girls into the College as both Day students and Boarders.

“This move allows girls to appreciate the full senior learning programme at the College, and also, partake in the full three years of NCEA or Cambridge International Examinations study,” says Lamb. “It is also a response to the globally evolving nature of traditional boarding school systems and does much to showcase the benefits of co-education. What we offer is certainly an attractive proposition to parents of, and Year 10 girls, entering Year 11.”

Middlemore Housemaster Nichola Hayes says the inaugural Year 11 girls cohort into the House has been an absolute pleasure to have around.

“We’ve cultivated a fantastic family atmosphere in the House, with our Year 11 girls assimilating seamlessly into their new life as Boarding students at King’s,” says Hayes. “The relationships they have with our Year 12 and 13 Boarding girls is a strong one – and that’s really key to ensuring we function as one united group in Middlemore House.”

“At Middlemore House we can also celebrate Year 11 girls from all over New Zealand and the world, including Dubai, Thailand and China.”

In Day House, Taylor, Housemaster Gina Adams echoes a similar sentiment.

“Our Year 11 Day girls are a pleasure to have around. Their arrival has added a really di erent, but welcome dynamic to the House. It’s incredibly pleasing to see them co-existing happily with our older Year 12 and 13 Day girls and working together as one team,” says Adams. “I am looking forward to welcoming our new Year 11 girls into Taylor House in 2017.”


Key to Success

For girls new to Boarding or considering Boarding, our Middlemore and Taylor Housemasters have plenty of advice.

“If you’re Boarding, or are deciding to Board at King’s, you’ve got to be ready to be adaptable and open to new experiences,” says Nichola Hayes. “Boarding is a lifestyle and once you’ve embraced that particular lifestyle, the friends you will make will be your lifelong friends.”

Seizing opportunity is another useful piece of advice for Boarding girls to-be. “Be an active member of our College community – rather than a bystander. Don’t just let school ‘happen’ – actively seek out the opportunities that are there.”

 From a Day girl perspective, Gina Adams’ advice is to embrace the many co-curricular opportunities on offer at the College.


Year 11 girls tell us what makes King’s their place to be

Cora-Faith Prime (Middlemore)

“I love Boarding, meeting new people and making new friends. There’s always an adjustment phases going into boarding, but I quickly found my way at King’s and in the House.”

Claudia Marris (Middlemore)

“I’m enjoying the co-ed environment at King’s and getting to meet people from all over New Zealand. It’s a beautiful Campus to study and the fact that I could do my Cambridge International Examinations was a big drawcard.”

Clare Maclennen (Taylor)

“It’s a busy environment with a lot of good challenges. I love the atmosphere of inclusivity and how we are always encouraged to give things a go.”

Nari Apa-Fepulea’i (Taylor)

“I like the encouraging atmosphere at the College, and the opportunities there are to travel on school trips, take part in new sports and cultural activities.” 

Isabella Docherty (Taylor)

“The College is an exciting place to be – I love meeting so many new people and being a part of this community.”