24 Feb 2015

Tuesday 24 February 2015

King’s College Water Polo teams played two games this weekend and banked lessons for the future.

The first, at the Epsom Girls Grammar School pool on Friday, against Sacred Heart Red, was a good lesson for us about fitness and how to stop a counter-attacking game. No doubt as the season progresses we will improve in these areas.

In a game peppered with unpunished off-the-ball activity, with a paucity of major fouls awarded against our opponents, we managed to score 3 goals (Henry Gelb, Alex Williams and Jordan Hope) to their 12 which were mostly scored off counter-attacks. The lessons of this match have been banked for future games.

Our second game on Sunday, at the Sacred Heart pool, against Macleans College, told a different story. Tight defence and excellent goalkeeping from Caleb Brooke provided us with a winning platform. Nevertheless, it could have been so much more had the boys thrown more than just their handbags and purses at the goal.

Tim Guy provided 2 goals; 1 each in the first two quarters.  We led 2 – 0 at halftime. Goals from Jordan Hope and Tevyn Anitelea put us  4 –1 up at the end of the third quarter and goals from Tim Guy, Jordan Hope and Tevyn Anitelea finished the game off with a 7 – 3 win. Excellent guarding by Tevyn and the rest of the team proved correct the old adage that the best attack comes from excellent defence. Things to work on this week will be shooting and not throwing the ball at the opposition goalkeeper. Top corners would be better.

Mr Curnow.