04 Apr 2018

Wednesday 04 April 2018

Last week King’s Water Polo team took part in the North Island Secondary Schools Water Polo Championship, coming away with the Plate prize after a 9th place finish from five wins and two losses.

040418_Waterpolo North Island champs


“The first game saw a tense affair with our defence holding the line, but, our offense struggling,” says Head of Aquatics Jim Floerchinger. “This resulted in a loss for King’s and a win for Westlake Boys High School.”

Goals scored were from Tevyn Anitelea (Year 13, St John’s), Dylan Brooke (Year 12, Selwyn), Jack Gilleece (Year 11, Marsden) and Matt Dalziell (Year 12, School).

King’s will next play Westlake Boys High School in the 5th place contest this weekend, to close out the Auckland Premier Competition.

This following game brought the team back with a win over Sacred Heart College (7-5). Goals were scored from Tevyn Anitelea, Amosa Gould (Year 12, Averill), Joshua Antonovich (Year 12, St John’s), James Robertson (Year 11, Greenbank) and Jack Gilleece. Caleb Brooke (Year 13, Selwyn) had three official saves and was a great presence leading the defence.

The next game against Auckland Grammar School ended on a loss with a score of 1-4.

“King’s scored only once on 28 shots on goal, though our defence was solid,” says Jim Floerchinger. “Joshua Antonovich had the lone goal, Caleb Brooke had another 3-block game.”

King’s finished the group stage with a win over Tauranga Boys College (10-6). Shooting 10 for 21 attempts, we had goals from Jack Gilleece (three), James Robertson, Tevyn Anitelea and Dylan Brooke (two each) and Amosa Gould with one. Caleb Brooke recorded nine official blocks.

We then needed Westlake Boys High School to beat Auckland Grammar School in their match, however this did not happen and with a 3-way tie in the bracket, we went on to beat Saint Patrick’s College, Aquinas College and Tauranga Boys College to end on 9th.

Full results:

Westlake Boys High School, LOSS, 4-5

Sacred Heart College 2, WIN, 7-5

Auckland Grammar School, LOSS 1-4

Tauranga Boys College, WIN, 10-6

PLATE section:

Saint Patrick’s College (Wellington), WIN, 14-3

Aquinas College, WIN, 6-5

Tauranga Boys College, Penalty Shootout WIN, 11-10


Five wins, two losses, 9th place overall: winners of the Plate division.