19 Sep 2018

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Voyager Camp this year was held in Muriwai at Houghton's Bush Camp. It was an extra special occasion as we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the camp’s founding.

IMG 1743 (3)


Students had the chance to participate in a wide range of activities. On the Friday we packed up the vans, (including new King’s Van donated by the Friends) and set out towards Muriwai. Our first night we enjoyed a Chapel Service followed by a movie night. On Saturday we went to Tree Adventures at Woodhill Forest. Students faced their fears, climbing over 10m in the trees. The highlight was seeing Nicholas Reeves and Joseph Tripp conquer all the “extreme climbs".

We came back to camp and continued with more competitions bringing it “old school,” playing the egg and spoon race, rob the nest and tug-of-war. In the evening we enjoyed another Chapel Service and the annual Disco which included the Limbo where Briar Jonas defied gravity and the fierce musical chairs where Ali Leiataua and Alex Sullivan proved champions.  On Sunday we went to Parakai Springs and had a lovely time chilling in the spa and sliding down the slides where William Seiuli showed us all how to bomb or “pop a manu”.

In the evening we had a Communion Service followed by a talent contest. Lawrence Ualesi proved he was quite the magician and we learnt Leah Russell could jump off a chair on to her toes.

On Monday we packed up and went to Rainbows End which was wonderful way end the weekend.

Special thanks must go to Miss Lois Oldehaver and Miss Sunny Park for being our staff on the trip.

We look forward to next year!

God Bless, Onosai Auva’a and Rev Watson.