13 Apr 2016

Wednesday 13 April 2016

The King’s College Glee Club performed the musical Urinetown in the Great Hall from Wednesday, 6 to Friday, 8 April.

The musical, written by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis, tells the story of the people of a town rebelling against the privileged few to gain access to water supplies. Intended as a criticism of capitalism, municipal politics and social irresponsibility, Urinetown also parodies stereotypes of Broadway musicals.

Directed by Mr Jeremy Birchall, Urinetown featured Findlay McLachlan as Bobby Strong, a poor boy working for Penelope Pennywise, played by Isabella Klisser, at Public Amenity Number 9 in a city where you have to pay to pee. Bobby’s world is turned upside down when his father is taken to Urinetown for urinating in public. Following a chance meeting with Hope Cladwell, played by Lily Powell, Bobby decides to rebel against Urine Good Company, the company that runs the city in which the musical is set, so that everyone can pee for free.

Congratulations to the cast and band for a stunning performance, showcasing the skills of performers at all year levels from King’s College.

Many thanks also to the director, Mr Jeremy Birchall; musical director, Mr Chris Adams; set and lighting designer, Mr Glenn Howell; head of costumes, Ms Imogen Sadler; and also to all the students and teachers involved behind the scenes with backstage, lighting, makeup, front of house and costuming.

The cast of the musical was as follows:
Findlay McLachlan as Bobby Strong
Lily Powell as Hope Cladwell
Joshua McLaughlin as Officer Lockstock
Bianca Escobar-Flaunty as Little Sally
D’Lainee Noonan-Brown as Cladwell B. Cladwell
Isabella Klisser as Penelope Pennywise
India Manthel as Little Becky Two Shoes
Cameron Matura as Hot Blad Harry
Monty Sansom as Officer Barrel
Lewis Herd as Senator Fipp
Max Wilson as McQueen
Rita Shasha as Josephine Strong
Matthew Phillimore as Old Man Strong
Sophie Turner as Soupy Sue
Christopher Baxter as Tiny Tom
Max Kwan as Robby the Stockfish
Jamie Macpherson as Mrs Millenium
Emelia Legget, Hannah Jenson, Izzy Mackellar and Taigo Chapman as the ensemble

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