14 Dec 2015

Monday 14 December 2015

King's College water polo players competed fairly but strongly at the Trans-Tasman Schoolboys' Tournament in Sydney.

The boys started off with an excellent win over Canberra Grammar School. Jake Parker-Allen, fresh from a month of training in Madrid, top scored with four. Other goals went to Tevyn Anitelea (3), Jordan Lane (2), Amosa Gould (2), Joshua Knox and Connor Tomoana.

The team then played the top-seed in their pool, Newington College. It was a tough match but the boys competed well, eventually going down 14-5. Our goals went to Jordan Lane (2), Amosa Gould (2) and Tevyn Anitelea.

The final pool game saw us playing St Aloysius' College, and we needed a win to go through to the top eight. The team made a very slow start, being 6-1 down at half-time, but rallied to compete well in the second half, eventually going down only 9-7. Goal scorers were Jackson Astley with one and two each to Amosa Gould, Tevyn Anitelea and Keith Spencer-Edgar.

The following day the team faced Sacred Heart College, but was unsuccessful, going down 16-5. A highlight of the match was another pair of goals scored by Year 9 centre forward Amosa Gould. Other players to get on the scoresheet included Jordan Lane, Connor Tomoana and Joshua Knox.

Following on from their losses, King's managed a solid 16-2 win over Melbourne Grammar School. Three goals went to Joseph Nevill-Jackson, two each for Connor Tomoana, Jackson Astley and Dylan Brooke, and one apiece for Keith Spencer-Edgar, Joshua Knox, Jake Parker Allen, Tevyn Anitelea, Amosa Gould and Caleb Brooke. This game was quite unique in that every single player on the team scored, including the goalie. Caleb Brooke managed his second 25-metre shot of the month when he scored at the end of the second quarter.

The last match was against the Auckland Grammar School development squad, and it was again a high scoring encounter that we managed to win by 17-5. Goals went to Jordan Lane (5), Connor Tomoana (3), Amosa Gould (2) and Tevyn Anitelea (2), Keith Spencer-Edgar, Joshua Knox, Charlie Knox, Joseph Neville-Jackson and a first goal in the premiers to William Lowndes.