27 Mar 2017

Monday 27 March 2017

Freeman Greene Alex Taylor

Alex Freeman-Greene (Taylor, 2015-2016).

Recent Old Collegian Alex Freeman-Greene (Taylor, 2015-2016) is the proud recipient of the University of Sydney Scholar Chancellor’s Award.

Freeman-Greene, a member of the Scholar’s Common Room, School Academic Prefect and Cultural Prefect for Taylor House, is currently studying law and commerce in Sydney.

During her time at King’s, Alex was actively involved in music and sports programmes and was a member of the Girls’ First XI Hockey Team, the Premier Girls’ Tennis Team and the Senior A Ski Racing Team.

This week, King’s caught up with Alex to talk about receiving her prestigious scholarship and crossing the ditch to study in Australia.  


What are you most enjoying about studying in Sydney?

Alex Freeman-Greene: Living overseas is exciting because I get to experience living amongst a diverse range of people. It’s an enriching experience being at a university like University of Sydney, where students are motivated and driven but also come from different backgrounds than me and have different experiences and ideas.


What helped you the most when you were applying?

AFG: Talking to students around me was important. I applied to a number of different universities in order to keep my options open and in doing so, talking to my peers who were going through a similar experience and listening to their advice was helpful.


Why did you choose to study at University of Sydney? 

AFG: I am studying law and commerce, majoring in finance. Sydney offers one of the top undergraduate law programs worldwide. Getting accepted and then being offered the University of Sydney Scholar Chancellor’s Award helped solidify my decision to study here. 


What advice would you offer to other students interested in studying overseas? 

AFG: Spend time doing research into scholarships available. There is plenty of funding available to students. It is important that you start researching early - you don’t want to miss any deadlines and regret not applying. Apply even if you think it’s a long shot - you never know what will happen.


How has King’s helped you achieve an all-round education? 

AFG: King’s offered such a wide range of co-curricular activities for me to get involved in. The culture of the College encourages participation and involvement in all areas of school life. I was lucky to have teachers who put in extra hours after class to help me, which helped with my applications and grades.