04 Jul 2018

Wednesday 04 July 2018

Roy Luo (Year 13, Greenbank), Harsh Talathi (Year 13, Major) and Johnathan Leung (Year 11, Major) have each been awarded an A+ grade result for the accelerated maths programme assessment, ‘Max’ (MATHS 153).

040718 maths mats champs.jpg


With the process beginning at the start of the year, the three students enrolled in the University of Auckland programme with the task of testing their skills on a new challenge. “The course is designed for the top mathematicians at secondary level and is equivalent to a university stage 1 paper, presenting a high level of difficulty and challenge,” says Deputy Head of Mathematics, May Meng.

“The topics covered extend far beyond the breadth of the school curriculum.”

All three King’s College participants received an A+ grade for the course, describing the programme as a step up from their A-level Further Mathematics class taught at King’s.