05 Aug 2016

Friday 05 August 2016

Over the holidays, Year 13 King’s College students embarked on one of the most rewarding trips at King’s, the Tonga trip.

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Run through the Chapel, King’s students were connected with St Andrew’s High School in Tonga who would be their hosts for the duration of their trip.

The students were welcomed by the Headmaster of St Andrews,  Mo’Unga who introduced them as their brothers and sisters from King’s College.

Assistant Chaplain Onosai Auva’a, who accompanied the students on the trip, says this experience was a great opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a foreign culture and community.

“They stepped outside their comfort zones into the unknown, where they made the most of the experience,” says Auva’a.

“The students did activities like reading and helping students with their English, building desks and chairs, painting classrooms, singing, coaching and playing sports with the St Andrews high school students.” 

At the start of the week, our students started work inside the school ranging from painting to capentry and also taught English to classes of students ranging from Years 7 to 12.

For the remaining three days of their stay, King’s students were split into pairs and billeted wirth various St Andrew students.

By the end of the trip the students had made friends for life and were sad to say goodbye to their Tongan families.

“Each of us were deeply moved by this experience and would like to thank Reverend Wilder, Mr Auva’a, Miss Sadler and St Andrew’s for giving us an amazing opportunity,” says Rose Tapper, (Year 13, Middlemore).