08 Jun 2015

Monday 08 June 2015

King's College Theatre Club members were recently treated to a double dose of plays, attending both Enlightenment and Hamlet.

On Thursday, 4 June students, who are part of the King’s College Theatre Club, were able to attend the showing of Enlightenment. A psychological thriller performed at the Maidment Theatre by the Auckland Theatre Company, it is about loss and liberal sensibility. Five months after their son Adam disappeared, his parents, Lia and Nick, are doing all they can to find him. Suddenly their lost son appears, but he is not all he seems to be. This play was a favourite with many students, who were surprised at its viciousness and sudden turn of events.
The following day, on Friday, 5 June, students were also able to see Hamlet, performed by an international company of 16 actors, at the SkyCity Theatre. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, 'Globe to Globe Hamlet' is visiting every country in the world to perform Shakespeare’s Hamlet. New Zealand was the 104th country in their tour, and their skill and experience showed, with a great performance of Hamlet as Shakespeare envisioned it. Although the dialogue is difficult to understand, King’s students were able to work out most of it. Overall the play was exciting and humorous, with the cast never failing to cheekily insult the audience.