06 Sep 2022

Tuesday 06 September 2022

Teaching is constantly evolving, particularly in the health and wellbeing space. Steve Davison shares his philosophy behind the importance of building relationships and creating a safe environment to learn and share experiences.

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The idea that most informs my teaching practice is putting relationships at the forefront. Gaining students’ trust and understanding is all about building relationships.

Teaching health and wellbeing to Year 9 and 10 students as part of the King’s Junior Health Programme I believe is one of the most important things. It gives students, in their impressionable years, an opportunity to learn more about themselves. The programme helps them to understand what makes them unique, how to be healthy and comfortable in their own skin and not be impacted by influencers or other stereotypes.

One of my most satisfying lessons in the classroom is when students navigate from feeling embarrassed when we talk about some aspects of health... to just fully embracing it.


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