19 Jun 2018

Tuesday 19 June 2018

As told by Cole Baker-Smith (Year 13, School)

School House


This weekend commenced the Term 2 boarding programme, and it was a great success. With the whole of School House staying in, and numerous other students from other Houses, it was a full weekend, but it ran very smoothly.

On Saturday morning, those involved in sports teams went out and played their matches, with ample support from the remaining students. At around mid-day, the remaining boys in School House set off down the road to help clean rubbish out of the muddy mangroves. The House has teamed up with a non-profit organisation called Sea Cleaners, who remove rubbish from the sea, harbours and oceans every day. The boys hauled tyres, mattresses and car parts up a steep bank for a solid three hours before returning to school to watch the First XV rugby team put 88 points on Aorere College. Later that night, all the boarders staying in were invited to School House to watch the All Black’s play France, or they could go watch a movie up at the Lecture Theatre.

On Sunday, the School House boys returned to the mangroves with almost every single member of the House and cleaned out rubbish from deep in the swamp for another three hours. From the two days, the School House boys collected a total of 16,000 litres of rubbish, filling two large boats. After lunch on Sunday, the boarders had a choice of how to spend their afternoon. They could go to the Centennial Centre where they could study or have some down time, they could go be creative in the workshop, or they could hop in a taxi and head to Sylvia Park. Overall, it was a great weekend and a promising start to the weekend boarding programme.

- Cole Baker-Smith