28 Aug 2015

Friday 28 August 2015

A new project delivered to primary schools by teachers and Year 10 and 11 students is proving to be greatly in demand.

The aims of Technology Enhance are several, and include building bonds between students of feeder schools and King’s College. Design technology is also a winner, being promoted via fun mini-projects delivered by King‘s College students who also gain knowledge from the experience. Gary Burton, Head of Technology at King's, and a group of students deliver the projects, along with all necessary materials and equipment, to one school at a time. Schools are now lining up to be chosen as participants.

The enthusiastic feedback received to date is very encouraging. Paul Petersen, Principal of Bombay School, says, “Students remarked that 'this was the best day yet'. They wanted more visits and are looking forward to visiting Kings. Our newsletter covered the visit too - many parents remarked that they were impressed with this inter-school co-operation. Thank you for being so organised. You thought of everything and came with everything you needed.  You are prepared, well planned and your enthusiasm and positive energy hooked children and teachers in.   Thanks for modelling to students and staff alike.”

Year 5 Team Leader at St Heliers Bay Primary, Angela Skinner, was also appreciative. “...thank you to King’s College for the wonderful technology morning we’ve had today. A huge thank you to Gary Burton and the wonderful Technology students from your college who came and worked with 2 classes of our Year 5 students at St Heliers school today.

It was a tremendous experience for our students (boys and girls) who were lucky enough to be involved. Our students were engaged and learned a great deal from your boys. Our students have been buzzing and talking about what they learnt. It was such a great thing to offer to our school and we are very appreciative. I am really hoping that you might even be able to come back and do the same thing with the other half of our Year 5 syndicate, as it was only able to be 2 classes today and we have 4 in total. It was an exceptional morning for our students and one they won’t forget…..”

However the best recommendation comes from the student interviewed by Headmaster Michael Leach recently who commented that his application to enrol at King’s College was as a direct result of the technology visit.

Photos shown are of a Year 10 team of King’s College boys at King’s School in the fourth week of Term 3.

Mr Burton envisages running a follow-up next year, where students who’ve taken part in the current visits are brought to King’s College to complete a short project on-site. The benefits are the increased sense of attachment this will build for students wanting to attend the College, and improved skills as they enter the Technology area.

- Christine Hobbs

Kings Prep 0138