03 Jun 2016

Friday 03 June 2016

From Friday, 27 to Monday, 30 May Painting and Photography students in Years 12 and 13 were fortunate enough to visit Sydney for a long weekend of galleries and exhibitions.

On the first day, we walked from our hotel to the nearby White Rabbit gallery, where students were given a tour to aid in the understanding of the Chinese contemporary art that was exhibited.

The next day was spent wandering through the vast and impressive Gallery of New South Wales, which houses pieces from the likes of David Hockney and Edgar Degas.

A highlight of the trip was the ferry journey to Cockatoo Island, which held ‘The Embassy of the Real’; an exhibition exploring how we perceive reality in an increasingly digital era. We got to experience a range of interactive and conceptual pieces, and reflected on the use of space and scale in our work.

However, the main event of the trip had to be the annual Vivid Sydney light show, during which multiple locations around the city are projected with light displays. The Opera House was illuminated with a moving animation, and the Botanical Gardens transformed into a neon jungle. This event produced amazing photography by the students of this subject, and we were all overwhelmed with a sense of celebration for colour and creativity.

Overall, the trip was both an inspiring and enjoyable experience, opening us up to the world of opportunity in the creative field.