12 Feb 2018

Monday 12 February 2018

On Friday 9 February the King’s College Swimming Sports Finals were held at the College pool.

KC Swim 090218 079


Big congratulations to the following students who achieved the below results:

50m Freestyle B  1st Saul Wilson
  2nd Jack Trusler
  3rd Dante Ng
50m Freestyle A 1st Johnson Li
  2nd Sam Hawke
  3rd Zahn Cooney
100m Freestyle 1st Hugo Batchelor
  2nd Winston Yan
  3rd Zeal Jones
50m Breaststroke  1st Jack Mitchell
  2nd Xavi Taele
  3rd Min Chan Kim
50m Backstroke 1st Johnson Li
  2nd Max Robinson
  3rd Alexander Jagusch
50m Butterfly  1st Hugo Batchelor
  2nd Zeal Jones
  3rd Winston Yan
100m Medley 1st Johnson Li
  2nd Hugo Batchelor
  3rd Jack Mitchell
Junior Champion   Johnson Li (PEART)
50m Freestyle B 1st Ben Stephenson
  2= Joshua Antonovich
  2= Manasa Kubuabola
50m Freestyle A 1st James Robertson
  2nd Rico Ashmore
  3rd Jack Gilleece
100m Freestyle 1st Dylan Brooke
  2nd Taigo Chapman
  3rd Abhinav Makam
50m Breaststroke 1st Josh Nichol
  2nd Jack Gilleece
  3rd Taigo Chapman
50m Backstroke 1st Josh Nichol
  2nd Jack Lawson
  3rd Jack Gilleece
50m Butterfly 1st Abhinav Makam
  2nd Rico Ashmore
  3rd Samuel Don
200m Medley  1st Josh Nichol
  2nd Abhinav Makam
  3rd Dylan Brooke
Intermediate Champion   Josh Nichol (ST JOHN'S)
50m Freestyle B 1st Lily Douglas
  2nd Olivia Bennison
  3rd Maia Adams
50m Freestyle A 1st Brittany Bodie
  2nd Polina Kudrow
  3rd Claudia Marris
100m Freestyle 1st Annabelle McLaren
  2nd Polina Kudrow
  3rd Lucy Hunter
50m Breaststroke 1st Emelia Legget
  2nd Polina Kudrow
  3rd Brooke Varney
50m Backstroke  1st Allegra Zacest
  2nd Jade Bowater
  3rd Isobella Ng
50m Butterfly 1st Annabelle McLaren
  2nd Brittany Bodie
  3rd Allegra Zacest
100m Medley 1st Annabelle McLaren
  2nd Allegra Zacest
  3rd Emelia Legget

Girls Champion

  Annabelle McLaren (GREENBANK)
50m Freestyle B  1st Temple Kalepo
  2nd Thomas Clarkson
  3rd Max Finnegan
50m Freestyle A 1st Fergus Eadie
  2nd Caleb Brooke
  3rd Will Robinson
100m Freestyle 1st Fergus Eadie
  2nd Caleb Brooke
  3rd Matt Dalziell
50m Breaststroke   1st Will Robinson
  2nd Tevyn Anitelea
  3rd Grayson Pronk
50m Backstroke 1st Zachary McKee Wright
  2nd Lachie Dixon
  3rd Tevyn Anitelea
50m Butterfly 1st Fergus Eadie
  2nd Zachary McKee Wright
  3rd William Harris
200m Medley 1st Will Robinson
  2nd Amosa Gould
  3rd Caleb Brooke
Senior Champion   Fergus Eadie (SCHOOL)
400m Freestyle 1st Fergus Eadie
  2nd Josh Nichol
  3rd Hugo Batchelor
JUNIOR 8x25m Relay 1st Peart
  2nd Selwyn
  3rd Marsden
INTERMEDIATE 8x25m Relay 1st Selwyn
  2nd Major
  3rd Marsden
GIRLS 6x25 Relay 1st Selwyn
  2nd Greenbank
  3rd School
SENIOR 8x25m Relay 1st School
  2nd Selwyn
  3rd Greenbank
OPEN 4x25 Medley Relay 1st Selwyn
  2nd Averill
  3rd Marsden
TOP HOUSE Relay 1st School 
  2nd Selwyn
  3rd Greenbank
Champion House   Selwyn