21 Sep 2015

Monday 21 September 2015

King’s College ski teams enjoyed good weather and great results at the North Island Secondary Schools Ski Championships from Monday, 14 September to Wednesday, 16 September. 

King’s sent two Ski Race teams and one Slopestyle team to the Champs. In Team A were William Cashmore, Nicolas Morris, Zachary­ Limbrick-Jones, Oscar Halliwell and Mackenzie Muir. In Team B, were Theodore Gilbertson, George Core-y­Wright, Benjamin Irvine, Jake McConnell and Alex Freeman­-Greene. In the Slopestyle Team were Hamish Gallie, Olly Mines and Oscar Halliwell.  They faced a field of 536 competitors and 126 other teams from 80 schools.

Team A secured a first equal placing overall in the competition, with William Cashmore winning first place in Junior Men’s’ division and Oscar Halliwell winning first place in Senior Men’s’. Team B placed fourth equal, with Jake McConnell winning 22 points out of a possible 24. In the Slopestyle, Olly Mines placed sixth in the Senior Men’s’ competition.

Many thanks to Mr Menzies for organising the teams and taking them to Mt. Ruapehu and Mrs D. Muir and J. Lewis for their assistance.

- Daniel Wright


Day One Results

Giant Slalom

Junior Men - 194 racers

  • William Cashmore, 1st - fastest Junior
  • Nicholas Morris, 8th
  • Theo Gilbertson, 9th
  • Zachary Limbrick-Jones, 14th
  • George Cory-Wright, 36th
  • Benjamin Irvine, 40th

Senior Men - 79 Racers

  • Oscar Halliwell, 2nd
  • Jake McConnell, 7th

Senior Women - 88 racers

  • Mackenzie Muir, 16th
  • Alexandra Freemen-Greene, 21st

Day One Team placings

  • Team A, 2nd
  • Team B, 5th


Day Two Results


Dual Slalom

After wins, losses and DQs..........final placings were:

Team A (after 5th skier count-back): 2nd, Silver Medal

Team B: 4th

Slope Style Day Two

  • Oscar Halliwell 52 points
  • Hamish Gallie 60 points
  • Oliver Mines 100 points

Best two: 160 points

Team achieved 7th out of 35 schools