09 Feb 2017

Thursday 09 February 2017


Students chosen for New Zealand International Mathematical Olympiad squad

Five King’s College students have performed exceptionally in their mathematical capacity and recently attended the residential Mathematical Olympiad training camp held at the University of Auckland from 8-14 January 2017.

Bon-Nyeong Goo (Marsden, Year 13), Regan Chen (Averill, Year 12), James Mead (Averill, Year 11), Jonathon Leung (Year 10, Major), Nathaniel Masfen-Yan (Greenbank, Year 10) were among 24 students selected nationwide to attend the camp. The camp was designed to incentivise and train the mathematically able attendees through enrichment material.

After an intensive training program, twelve students were further selected to be part of the NZIMO Training Squad, among whom were Bon-Nyeong Goo and Jonathon Leung. The final team of six who represent New Zealand in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the 58th International Mathematical Olympiad in July this year will be determined by further examinations and announced in April.

Ms. May Meng, Deputy Head of the Maths Department also attended the camp as teaching staff and camp assistant, stating how impressed she was with the young mens efforts. 

“It’s been a superb start to 2017 from the Maths Olympiad students at King's and we look forward to what’s ahead.”