16 Mar 2017

Thursday 16 March 2017

A group of our students recently headed to Middlemore Hospital with Reverend Watson to assist the resident Anglican church in conducting their Sunday service.

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Students were split into groups and went throughout the hospital assisting patients to make their way to the service. This is a new initiative, which is being welcomed by all the students involved.  

“We met so many wonderful people, who, despite illness, were immensely warm,” says Year 13 student Lara Hodgson (Taylor).

“Patients shared about their connection to God and how it was helping them through these tough times. The uplifting effect of the service on those present was clear to see. Whilst we came to help and to serve, we also were rewarded by seeing the joy of the patients that attended.”

Middlemore Hospital Volunteer Coordinator Val Lott, says she was “thrilled to meet so many willing and helpful students from King’s College.”

Reverend Watson says the initiative was an abolute success and that he is looking forward to continuing to partner with Middlemore Hospital in the future.

“Now that the students know what is involved, we look forward to sending two or three of our students along during the term to help with services.”