08 Mar 2017

Wednesday 08 March 2017

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Our Student Health Council is a new student-led initiative aimed at providing a voice for students and promoting involvement in decisions and projects that affect the health and wellbeing of our community.

The Student Health Council is made up of one Year 12 and one Year 13 student representative from every House, who advocate on behalf of other students.

Their objectives range from operating wellness activities, increasing awareness and promoting long-term healthy behaviours.

The Council meet during the extended lunch-time every third Tuesday monthly and are planning some exciting events later this year, such as a blood drive and a student health week.

The blood drive is for staff and students and will take place on Monday 3 April, 12.30pm-4pm in the Greenbank gym. This event is being organised by Kate McPherson (Year 13, Middlemore), one of the Student Health Council members.

Year 13 student and co-chairperson Finn Potter (Year 13, Parnell) says he decided to get involved with the Student Health Council because he’s interested in “promoting the importance of health throughout the college” and was supported by the student health centre, having had braces earlier in his schooling years. 

Hotene Ngaropo-Tuia (Year 13, Parnell) and Christian Dimitrov (Year 13, Marsden) are two students excited about forming key relationships with organisations such as the Red Cross and are hoping to partner to help refugee families in our local community.

Ngaropo-Tuia & Dimitrov are both in charge of the groups communications and have set up a Facebook page for the group to communicate and organise events and share their message.

“We’re passionate about giving a voice to students in the health area and raising the awareness around the importance of wellbeing at the college” says co-chairperson Ellen Davis (Year 13, Taylor). 

Davis is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare and the student health council will help her engage with health issues on campus, whilst also providing her with hands on training in development, leadership and health promotion. There is also the opportunity to attend external health promotional events.