21 Nov 2017

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Last week the College faculty turned their attention to personal wellness, with each Staff member presented with a booklet on mindfulness education to acknowledge and celebrate Stoic Week at the College. 

Grant Stoic Week


Facilitated by Head of Positive Education Grant Mckibbin and Head of E-Learning David Parr, the week encouraged Staff to consider one principle of stoicism each day of the week.

With reasoning drawn from Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, the Stoic booklet introduced staff to ways to solve modern day problems that arise from jealousy, anxiety, sickness, evil and fear.

The Stoic booklet touched on the power of positive thinking, choosing your perspective wisely, reacting to situations around us and coping with suffering.

“We want to help broaden the traditional approach to wellbeing,” says Grant. “And although it’s for staff we do encourage teachers to touch on the concepts in the Stoic booklet as a way to help students manage anxiety.”

Happy with the positive feedback from the week, Grant and David will now look to re-introduce Stoic Week to the College on a biennial cycle.