18 Dec 2015

Friday 18 December 2015

King's College welcomed students from St Joseph's School Otahuhu for a day filled of technology and adventure.

As it has been in the past, the students of St Joseph's Otahuhu have visited King's College to use the Technology Centre late in Term Four whilst the majority of King's students are on examination leave. They spend approximately two hours in the Centre, where they are supervised by teachers.

Upon arrival, 37 students from St Joseph's were greeted warmly and enthusiastically by King's College student leaders as they made their way into the Chapel for a welcoming service.

During the Chapel Service, reading and prayers were given by the student leaders before a short speech explaining the plan for the day. The student leaders then escorted the St Joseph's students to the Technology Centre where they spent the remainder of the morning. Here they were assisted by Technology Teachers and Gap Tutors.

The afternoon consisted of team building activities including the Burma Trail, a confidence course and tent building, as the boys from St Joseph's spent the night at the College. Teamwork and communication was encouraged during these activities. 

In the evening, the St Joseph's boys were divided into groups with our student leaders and gathered materials to build camp fires. Fire safety rules were explained to the St Joseph's students and followed correctly. Marshmallows were roasted over the fire to conclude the fun day before lights out at 9.00pm.

Organised and run by the King's student leaders, the St Joseph's Day was a great all-round experience for everyone involved. The King's student leaders gained leadership and relationship building skills and the St Joseph's students enjoyed a great day of doing something that they may have never had the chance to experience.