04 May 2015

Monday 04 May 2015

Small House is an annual King's College competition, part of the school's House Music competition, which involves between four and fifteen talented students from each of the eleven Houses.

This year it took place on Friday, 1 May in the Great Hall, for the first time under Mr Chris Adams’ watch as Head of Music, having only commenced at the College around this time last year.

The judges, Head of Music at King’s School Ms Emma Featherstone (returning for her fifth year of judging) and Head of Music at Auckland Grammar School Mr James Donaldson, were overseen by Mr Chris Adams.

The long-anticipated event featured eleven fantastic performances from all of the College’s Houses, ranging from recent pop and alternative top hits, to more classic rock songs, each wonderfully introduced by Reverend Gareth Walters, the MC for the afternoon.

After each House had performed to their best, only the adjudication was left. Peart House came in 11th, Parnell House in 10th, Middlemore and Averill Houses tied in 8th equal, Greenbank and Selwyn Houses came in 6th equal, St John's House in 5th and Major House came in 4th.

Finally, the judges announced the sought-after top three places. Marsden House came in 3rd, with their rendition of P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson, School House came in 2nd, performing their take on Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson, and Taylor House came in 1st, with Somebody to Love by Queen.

This achievement marks the first time in King’s history that Taylor House has won the Small House competition.

These top three performances will perform at Big House on Friday, 15 May at Vector Arena, while the judges are deliberating.

Tickets for Big House are still available through Ticketmaster - click here to purchase yours.