21 Jul 2015

Tuesday 21 July 2015

A number of King’s College students recently competed with great success in the highly prestigious South Auckland Performing Arts Competition Society (SAPACS) vocal section.

Kappella, comprising King’s students Erica Richardson, Kara Croudis-Bonniface, Angel Chen, Denzel Panama, Nicholas Lai, Max Wilson, Kevin Lin and Rohith Vinod, under the direction of Ms Gina Sanders, were awarded a first place and a third place. A larger vocal group incorporating the singers from Kappella, Aaron Vu, and other local school students learning with Ms Gina Sanders, were also placed in all of their categories with two second place and two third place awards.

A number of King’s students also performed outstandingly in the solo categories of the competition. Erica Richardson, Kevin Lin, Rohith Vinod, Max Wilson and Kara Croudis-Bonniface each presented five or six songs. Particular congratulations to Kara who won the 16 and 17-year-old Young Performer Award, and to Max who was placed as Runner-up.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and a first for the College and many of the students that competed. A huge thank you must be given to Ms Gina Sanders for all her work in tutoring, organising, arranging and preparing the students, and for sorting out the considerable logistics of transport and food to enable the students to be involved. We were also very grateful to her support team of parents and helpers.

Photography courtesy of Peter Weekes.