12 Jun 2015

Friday 12 June 2015

This year, the King’s College Round Square Internationalism Pillar hosted the very first KC Cultural Night on Thursday, 4 June.

The evening was a celebration of the vast array of cultures and ethnicities at King’s for all students and teachers to enjoy.

The Great Hall was set up with a large variety of student-run stalls, including origami, sushi, Thai food and a Samoan 'coconut cream and taro' demonstration. Students flooded the Hall, creating a very lively atmosphere.

After some time to roam the stalls the performances kicked off, starting with our very own Kapa Haka group taking the stage. One of the College’s main cultural groups, the Kapa Haka never fails to fill the Hall with pride. Followed by a stunning solo performance from violinist Emily Joe, Catherine Fu then captivated the audience with a traditional Chinese folk song called Xiao bei lou, or The Little Basket.

After a short break, allowing the audience to join the (very large) queue for the crêpe stand, or to receive a henna tattoo from some of the school’s top artists, the next round of performances got under way. Denzel Panama, Max Wilson and Jonathan Ta were accompanied by Mr Nicholas Forbes to sing Nunc Dimitis by Sir Charles Villiers Stanford, a 19th Century Irish composer. Jeffery Yang then took to the stage to perform Star on piano, followed by the College’s rock band, A Band Named Slickback.

It was a very successful night, as the College had never hosted anything like this before, and allowed the students and staff to celebrate the different ethnicities at King’s. This new and exciting event was organised by the Internationalism Pillar leader, Annie Lane, her committee of 25 students from all year groups and Houses, as well as the Head of Round Square at the College, Martin Luk. A special thanks must also be given to Mr Geoff Smith for allowing this event to take place.