02 Apr 2015

Thursday 02 April 2015

On Friday, 27 March a group of re-enactors, who specialise in bringing to life Roman military and gladiatorial practices, came to the College to stage a demonstration for the Latin and Classical Studies classes.

The initial part of the programme included demonstrations of Roman military equipment and tactics, giving students the opportunity to see and feel for themselves how the Romans operated in these two important spheres of life. The use of equipment was shown, as were the tactics, with the famous testudo formation advancing under fire from archers. Selected students enjoyed the opportunity to be able to lift and carry authentic reproductions of Roman military equipment such as shields and armour, and received instruction in Roman military drill.

The second part of the show consisted of staged fights between different types of gladiators, in costumes, using replica, but nonetheless, lethal weapons. 

A very successful aspect of the show was the involvement of students and both re-enactors, and students were delighted with the responses.

A hands-on demonstrations and display of this nature serves to enhance our students’ understanding of key aspects of Roman culture, complementing our academic study of the language and history.

To view photographs from the show, please click on the image below.