31 Jan 2018

Wednesday 31 January 2018

Recent Old Collegian Juliette Danesh-Meyer (Taylor, 2015-2016) has been accepted to University of Auckland Medical School for 2018. This is the most competitive programme at the University of Auckland and required an A+ grade point average.



She also obtained a 96 (of 100) on the UMAT examination which is entry examination taken by all candidates in Australia and NZ who are competing to enter medical school. 

During her time at King’s College Juliette was actively involved in culture and music as well as being a member of Scholar’s Common Room and a member of the Premier Debating team.

Juliette credits the excellent Science department at the College for providing her with the strong foundation which allowed her to excel at Auckland University, as well as the exposure to a wide range of cultural activities and community service which was valuable during the interview process. 

Danesh Meyer Juliette Taylor