04 Jul 2018

Wednesday 04 July 2018

Old Collegian, KCOCA Treasurer and Moyes Motor Group Chief Financial Officer, Charles Tisdall, presented to the Phillips Society on Tuesday 26 June.

040718Tisdall Talk June.jpg


Sharing his entertaining and thought-provoking story, Tisdall told the group how he found the right balance between his love for business and his interest in classic cars. Because of his early decisions in life, his journey has been an extremely fun, challenging and interesting ride.

Not only did he give us students an insight into what it is like to be a leader in the corporate world, but Tisdall also stressed the importance of pursuing a career in a field that you have a passion for. Also emphasised was the importance of maintaining personal relationships with all employees, to illustrate this Tisdall told of how he would talk with one staff member about how his kid’s weekend football game went. 

Tisdall was unafraid to take on the challenges of a chief financial officer. He talked about the increasing popularity of online technology and shopping, which meant that Moyes had to undergo many structural changes. Along with this, Tisdall also mentioned that to succeed, risks must always be taken and that mistakes are inevitable. 

Tisdall’s talk was incredibly inspiring, not only because of his success in his industry, but also because of his undeniable passion and enthusiasm for his job. 

Report by Sarah Cheng (Year 13, Taylor) – Phillips Society member