07 Jul 2017

Friday 07 July 2017

As part of a student initiative led by James Pollitt (Year 13, Parnell), Parnell House offered optional CPR training for their students during Term 2.

070717 Parnell Students Receive Important CPR Training

More than 20 students were certified to perform CPR under the tutelage of Whakaora Cottage nurse Denis Smith.

Head Nurse Sarah Hardy says that the boys jumped at the chance to be involved and to learn about CPR.

“It was an awesome opportunity for the students to not only achieve their certificate but also to now be able to stand up and help people who are in need,” says Sarah. 

James Pollitt says that that the training was extremely beneficial and the skills were well worth learning. 

“It gives the boys the necessary tools and knowledge to safely act in a time of danger and need, maybe even saving another person’s life,” explains James.