23 Oct 2018

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Oliver Zou (Year 13, Peart) represented New Zealand in the International Economics Olympiad in Moscow in September, where he finished fourth in the individual competition out of fifty-two students.

231018 neconomics olympiad  cropped.jpg

Oliver Zou (right)


The New Zealand team, which came third out of the thirteen countries competing, consisted of five budding student economists. Accompanying the group was teacher and leader for the group, Jacob Samuel, King’s College Computer Studies teacher.

There were three parts to the competition and prizes were given to winners for each of those parts. Prizes were also given to students who did well in the combined scores of the sections. The three sections were the Business Case competition, the Economics competition and the Finance Simulation competition. Oliver came fourth in the Economics Competition and this included taking the top grade in the problem scenario section of the competition.

“In the overall combined scores competition, the top 10 individuals got gold medals,” says Jacob Samuel. “Oliver was placed 5th in the overall scores which got him the gold medal award. Two of the five New Zealand competitors were placed among the Gold medal winners.”

“Oliver’s achievement is testament to the incredible amount of work and application he has put into his study of Economics and Business. It is also testament to the incredible amount of work and support given by his teachers at King’s College.”

The competition was chaired by Harvard Professor, Dr. Eric Maskin who was the 2007 Economics Nobel Laureate for his contributing work on a branch of Economics called “Mechanism Design Theory”.