16 Dec 2015

Wednesday 16 December 2015

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the launch of a new advertising campaign for King’s College.

The volume of marketing activity undertaken by Auckland’s independent schools has increased steadily over the recent period. Whilst support for King’s has always been strong, we believe it’s appropriate for us to raise our own visibility in this context, and ensure that the community has a clear understanding of the unique benefits of the education we provide. 

Our campaign represents the culmination of substantial development work undertaken during the year. This has included a programme of research amongst current and prospective parents; the creation of an overarching marketing strategy; an audit of current communications channels and collateral; and the development of all creative and media components.

For the purposes of our campaign, the ‘King’s difference’ is encapsulated in our proven ability to ‘bring out the best’ in all of our students or, more specifically, to 'recognise, develop and realise the potential of each and every individual student, wherever it may lie’. 

Creatively, our campaign communicates this message via the example of six King’s students. Whilst there are many similar examples of excellence amongst our students, the combination we’re featuring enables us to showcase both the extent and diversity of achievements that King’s can help its students attain. We would therefore like to express our gratitude to Ben Morgan, Amanda Ngo, Zander Fraser, Liam Carroll, Isabella Jorgensen and Emerson Deverell - and their parents - for their willingness to be featured in our campaign. 

You may also notice that our advertisements carry a revision of the King’s College crest as part of the new logo. This has been developed as part of the campaign’s ‘design language’ and to reflect a more modern and progressive tone, but remains faithful to the core elements of the various versions that the College has used since its inception. It should be noted that this revised logo is only for use in our communications activity however, and the traditional King’s crest - reflecting the long heritage of the College - will still be retained for more formal uses.

We believe that this campaign represents another step forward for the College. It will succeed in providing further clarity around what King’s stands for, and give the College substantial visibility in what is becoming a crowded and active market. We’d like to thank the Advancement Office, the Board’s Marketing Sub-Committee and our agency partners Young & Shand and Bullseye Media for their excellent work in presenting the King’s story through the example of some outstanding students.

The campaign will roll out via a selection of targeted print, online and billboard media throughout 2016, and you’ll notice our new advertisements appearing from late in December this year.

Please click on the image below to see examples of our advertisements.