20 Jun 2016

Monday 20 June 2016

On Tuesday, 14 June King’s College hosted the annual STANZA National Spanish Debating Competition.

Three King’s teams, consisting of Year 12 and Year 13 Spanish students, competed with teams from seven other high schools from around Auckland. The senior Spanish students were all involved; debating, speaking as chairpeople or helping our guests navigate their way around during the day.

The adjudicators emphasised how impressed they were with the high quality of the debates this year. All of the King’s debaters were congratulated on their confident and expressive speeches, and Teams 2 and 3 each won a debate in the first two rounds. Team 1, made up of Nicholas Bodenstein, Maximilian Wilson and Tanay Mukherjee, was awarded second place after a compelling (and competitive!) debate against Kristin School on the legality of the sale of human organs.

All students who participated can be proud of their authentic use of Spanish. Throughout the day, some very interesting topics were discussed and argued including the importance of homework, the driving age and the use of performance drugs in athletics.

The competition is a great opportunity for students to practise their spoken Spanish skills in a motivating, academic context and was a very enjoyable day for all the students who were a part of it.