23 May 2018

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Nari Apa-Fepulea’i (Year 13, Taylor) recently spent three days at Otago University, after having been selected to attend the Pacific on Campus Experience programme.



This scholarship included return travel to Dunedin, two nights accommodation at the University of Otago and a full itinerary put together by the University of Otago Pacific Islands Centre.

To be invited, Nari wrote a cover letter to the university, talking about why she would love to experience life at the University of Otago. 

“I was so happy to be invited and I had a great experience there,” says Nari. “On day one we had a formal dinner and then all took turns to introduce ourselves to the group, which was quite nerve-wracking but a good ice breaker.”

“The second day was the Tertiary Open Day, which meant we got taken to all the different faculties and learnt what was on offer.”

For Nari, who is interested in the Law and Arts degree, it gave her great insight into the university and what she could achieve with an Otago tertiary education.

“The whole trip made me feel really grateful to already be on a good pathway and have the support of my school backing me. There was a great group of people to meet and I enjoyed the chance to learn more about Otago.”