14 Aug 2015

Friday 14 August 2015

In an all-girl showdown Middlemore beat Taylor in what has been called the best House Debate of all time.

On Thursday, 13 August the two girls Houses, having debated their way to this final, spoke to the moot "This House would revoke the passports of New Zealand citizens who travel overseas to fight for ISIS".

Taylor (affirming) concentrated on the need for security and the dangers of allowing terrorists to travel freely.  The team was made up of Amanda Ngo, Juliette Danesh-Meyer and Sophie Nathan.

Middlemore invoked the rights of all people to have citizenship, and the dangers of punishing people without trial, and of "dumping" our unwanted citizens on other countries. The team was made up of Courtney Varney, Catherine Fu and Claudia Cooper.

All six speakers were excellent, and so was the adjudication, which was done by Hamish Saunders, from Auckland Schools Debating.  His choice for best speaker was Courtney Varney.