10 Dec 2016

Saturday 10 December 2016

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Our Prefect Senior leadership Team for 2017 has just been announced and we are excited to see what they achieve at the College over the coming year. The College also thanks its outgoing 2016 Prefect Senior Leadership Team for their work and support through the past year.

We sat down with the future student leaders of King’s College and discussed their plans for 2017, their view on the best all round education and what they are most looking forward to in the New Year.


Sam Lowe – Head Boy (St John’s)
Sam is actively involved in our College’s sporting life of the school, as a rower and rugby player. 

Rita Shasha – Head Girl (Middlemore)
Rita is a debater and plays football for our First XI She is also involved in the cultural arena, as an active member of the Glee Club.

Benji Flacks – Deputy Head Prefect (Marsden)
Benji is involved in a wide range of activities including playing football and debating. He also plays the trumpet and euphonium for the concert band.

Liam Campbell – Deputy Head Prefect (Greenbank)
Liam  currently holds the title of second in New Zealand for CrossFit. He is also an active debater and has done a wide range of cultural activities including Trinity College Speech and Drama.

Geneva Roy – Deputy Head Prefect (Taylor)
Geneva is involved in the life of the school through debating, Glee club and is a member of the First XI football team. She also runs the UNICEF club.

Jonathan Ta – Deputy Head Prefect (Peart)
Jonathan is an active badminton player for the College. He is the Head of the Scholars Competition and a member of the New Zealand Secondary Students Choir.


What are you most looking forward to in 2017? 

Sam: I really want to make a difference in the culture at King’s college and I’m excited for the opportunity to be working with such a great team of people.  

Rita: I am looking forward to getting to know the team and forming connections with people. I want to bring the school forward into the future and am excited by what an amazing opportunity we’ve been given.


What makes King’s such a great place to be at? How do you think King’s offers the best all round education and what part do you play in that?

Liam: What’s great about King’s is the relationships that everyone has with each other. As cheesy as it sounds, being a student at King’s is like being part of a family. 

Rita: At King’s I’ve learnt a lot about myself and been given the space to mature. The high standards set at King’s allow you to achieve your full potential and be the best that you can be. 

Geneva: We want to demonstate what it means to be the best you can be, as well as being open-minded and having a holistic approach to education. We want to encourage other students to do the same. 

Benji: Having an all-round education means getting involved in all aspects of the college. King’s has plenty to offer, so an all-round education is actually a quite wide spectrum to choose from – whether it be academia, sport or music.


What are your plans for 2017 and what do you want to be remembered for?

Geneva: We want to be the prefect team that people will look back on and say they did a great job. I’m also really interested in looking at the girls’ voice within the college and how that is articulated. 

Jonathan: We want to create a lasting legacy. I think it’s the role of a prefect to be the liaison between students and teachers and to create a space where people can communicate.


Are you nervous about the challenges the role will bring?

Sam: I definitely know that I am nervous but I think we have such a strong team that we will be able to cope with any challenges we might face throughout the year.

Rita: I have big shoes to fill next year. Kate Prebble did an amazing job as Head Girl this year and has really set the standard. She’s an inspiration and definitely someone I look up to and respect. So yes, I am nervous but I am also excited.


House Prefect Leadership Teams 2017

Below are our House leaders for 2017:


Joshua Grant – Head of House
George Breckon – Deputy Head of House (Sport)
Benji Flacks – Deputy Head of House (Culture)
Danuja Thilakarathne – Deputy Head of House (Academic)
Zhedian Yang Deputy – Head of House (Admin)
Danny Sewell – House Sacristan


Kate McPherson – Head of House
Victoria Brown – Deputy Head of House (Pastoral Care)
Esta Fowler – Deputy Head of House (Sport)
Caity Alison – Deputy Head of House (Cultural)
Lauren Phillips – House Sacristan

Holly Cook – House Prefect
Janneke Zwager – House Prefect (Academic)
Eve McCallum – House Prefect

Taylor House

Maddy Caughey – Head of House
Lydia Mills – Deputy Head of House
Sophia Liang – Deputy Head of House
Emily Sands – House Sacristan

Geneva Roy – House Prefect
Alex Scarlett – House Prefect (Culture)
Lara Hodgson – House Prefect (Sport)
Tasma Fulford – House Prefect (Taylor committee)
Claudia Hill – House Prefect (Communications)
Grace Harford – House Prefect (Participation and Support)
Poppy McKay – House Prefect
Izzie Ingram – House Prefect

Parnell House

Chris Scholtens – Head of House
Hotene Ngaropo-Tuia – Deputy Head of House
Tamati Panoho – Deputy Head of House
Ben Broughton – Deputy Head of House
Chuan Chew – House Sacristan
Lucio Kim – House Prefect
Alowesi Suveinakama – House Prefect

Selwyn House

Cameron Mataira – Head of House
Nathan Archibald – Deputy Head of House (Sport)
Callum Douglas – Deputy Head of House (Sport)
Best Sespattanachai – Deputy Head of House (Academic)
Thomas Elia-Abbot – Deputy Head of House (Cultural)
Newton King – Deputy Head of House (Service)
Max Doughty – Deputy Head of House (Administration)
Declan Forrest– House Sacristan

Peart House

Hayes O’Kesene – Head of House
Robert Zheng – Deputy Head of House (Academic)
Tariu Fepulea’I-Bloom – Deputy Head of House (Sport)
Ben Taylor – Deputy Head of House (Sport)
Jasper Ng – Deputy Head of House (Culture)
Tanay Mukherjee – Deputy Head of House (Administration)
Taumata Toki – House Sacristan

St John’s House

Tom Yates – Head of House
Trent Freeman – Associate Head of House (Academic)
Billy Coman – Deputy Head of House (Sport)
George Dougherty – Deputy Head of House (Culture)
James Johnstone – House Sacristan
Te Hurinui Morris – Kaitiaki (New Position)
Sam Lowe – House Prefect

Averill House

Marcus Gerbich-Pais – Head of House
Lukan Paitai-Tuiatua – Associate Head of House (Sport)
Joseph Kelly – House Prefect (Culture)
Rohith Pillai – House Prefect (Pastoral Care)
Rory Archer – House Sacristan 

Angus Bendall – House Prefect
Tim Howe – House Prefect
Lupeni Tonga – House Prefect
Christian Withy – House Prefect

School House 

Dillon Balasingham – Head of House
John Commisaris – House Sacristan
Jack Graham-Crowther – Deputy Head of House (Culture)
Oliver Cook – Deputy Head of House (Academic)
George Brown – Deputy Head of House (Sport)
Jordan Stevenson – Deputy Head of House (Juniors)

Jonathan Cheung – House Prefect (Year 11 and Administration)
Ben Cooper – House Prefect (Year 10)
Oliver Mason – House Prefect (Year 10)
Luke Meadowcroft – House Prefect (Year 9 and Transition)
Changfeng Tan – House Prefect (International)
Toby Lowe – House Prefect (Sport)

Major House

Sam Ludbrook – Head of House
Charles Mills – Head of House
Jack Rathbone–  Deputy Head of House
Tom Reeves–  Deputy Head of House
Tom Walsh Hisco – House Sacristan

Max Caddie – House Prefect
Tim Dunshea – House Prefect
Ben Hilterman – House Prefect
Michael Smith – House Prefect 

Greenbank House

Harrison Langrell-Read – Head of House
Joseph Marr – Deputy Head of House (Sport)
Thomas Spillane – Deputy Head of House (Academic)
Adam Nisbet – Deputy Head of House (Culture)
Kaarthic Purushothaman – Deputy Head of House (Administration)
Charles Batkin – House Sacristan

Liam Campbell – House Prefect
Liam Elley – House Prefect
Thomas Jensen – House Prefect
Nikesh Lala – House Prefect
Jacob McGuire – House Prefect
Ethan Wichman – House Prefect
Jeffrey Yang – House Prefect