26 Jan 2018

Friday 26 January 2018

Term 1 is now in full-swing and it is with great pleasure that we can announce the Student Leadership team for 2018. The fantastic group of young leaders are excited to make their mark and we are all looking forward to seeing what they bring to the College this year.  

260118 head girl head boy banner.bmp

Head Girl Harriet Butt and Head Boy Weropuna Witika



Senior Prefects:

Head Boy       Weropuna Witika 
Head Girl Harriet Butt
Deputy Head Prefect Cameron Harlock
Deputy Head Prefect Nicholas Johnson 
Deputy Head Prefect Emelia Legget 
Deputy Head Prefect Hari Kukreja 
Head of School House Cole Baker-Smith    
Head of St. John's      Oscar Marsh     
Head of Parnell       Xela Pathan    
Head of Selwyn       Jack Lock  
Head of Middlemore      Claudia Marris 
Head of Averill       Sam Cummins    
Head of Marsden      Fin McLachlan     
Head of Major        Lachlan Fyfe  
Head of Peart       Grayson Pronk    
Head of Greenbank      Matt Caro    
Head of Taylor       Isobella Ng   


Additional Senior Prefects:

George Cory-Wright (School)
Josh McLaughlin (Major) 
Maddy Frazer (Middlemore)
Joo Hyung Yoo (Parnell)
Izzie Foord (Taylor)


We had a chat with the new Head Girl Harriet Butt and Head Boy Weropuna Witika to see what they are most excited about for the year ahead and what inspired them to be a student leader at King’s.


What are you most excited about for the year ahead?

Harriet Butt: I am looking forward to the connections that I will make with fellow students, staff, and others within the King’s community. 

Weropuna Witika: I’m excited about the new responsibilities I will have to uphold and making the most out of my last year with my peers.


What made you want to be a student leader at King’s College?

HB: I have been inspired by the welcoming, supportive nature of the student leaders from my past two years at King's. I in turn would like to provide this for others. 

WW: As a Year 9, I remember looking at the Head Prefect Board and did not see a Māori name on there, so I set myself the goal to become a leader. My father was a Head Prefect at his college and that influenced me to follow in his footsteps.


What would you like to achieve this year?

HB: I aim to continue the great work done by previous King’s leaders, embodying the virtues and traditions of the College. I will endeavour to project an approachable and inclusive manner, making new students to King’s feel welcome and have a sense of belonging. 

WW: I would like to create a positive environment for everyone and finish the year with a guaranteed spot onto an engineering course at a university either in Auckland or overseas.


What’s your favourite thing about King’s College?

HB: I love the general atmosphere of King’s. Something is always going on, there are so many willing and supportive people, and the mass of school pride is incredible. 

WW: I love how every culture is embraced by everyone and there is a positive attitude towards school events.