04 Jul 2018

Wednesday 04 July 2018

The AS Media Studies students once again took their annual trip to Wellington to further extend their knowledge and understanding of the New Zealand film industry.

040718 Media trip to Wellington 4 (003).jpg


The day began with Park Road Post Productions, were they learnt about the several layers, processes, and steps required during the final editing stages of filmmaking, which included visual effects, colour grading and sound mix. Soon after, the visit to the Weta Cave was inspiring as the group learnt about the various prop making phases and were able to see original costumes and prosthetics from popular films. As a final activity, the group were taught about sword, shield and armour making.

The visit to the Gallipoli exhibition at Te Papa had a huge audience impact with their larger-than-life life sized displays and thought-provoking journey. We were also able to make it to a few extra spaces this year, which were the Broadcasting Standards Authority and ProjectR.

Students were taken into their workspaces and learnt about media ethics, fairness and balance, privacy and censorship. ProjectR showed us the future pathways of where media can take you, with state-of-the art Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality projects that they were working on. Overall, it was a fantastic and enjoyable trip with our King’s boys who represented the school perfectly.