07 Jun 2016

Tuesday 07 June 2016

On Saturday, 21 May a team of six King's College students and staff flew to Singapore to attend the biennial Singapore International Mathematics Challenge (SIMC).

George Li, Christopher Scholtens, Jasper Ng and Jonathan Ta, accompanied by Mr Steven Kiesanowski and Mr Logan Lee, represented the College at the Applied Mathematics and Modelling Competition.

The five-day course took place at the NUS High School of Math and Science, and this year coincided with the International Student Science Fair. Teams came from 62 schools across 35 countries, making for a rigorous contest. However, competition did not stop friendships being formed; everyone came away with a few more friends across the globe.

For much of the challenge, teams worked to solve a set of questions, culminating in a 10-page report detailing their solutions, and presentations to three separate judges. Meanwhile, teachers attended lectures on mathematical modelling and pedagogy, learning more about the various methods of teaching mathematics from their international colleagues.

In the end, Singapore's Raffles Institution claimed the top prize and delivered their winning presentation flawlessly at the closing ceremony. The farewell dinner that followed marked the end of SIMC, with cultural performances from all corners of the globe. The King's College team thoroughly enjoyed their experience in Singapore; they wish to thank the SIMC coordinators and NUS High School for their warm welcome, and hope to be invited again in 2018.