02 Aug 2015

Sunday 02 August 2015

On Tuesday, 28 July, Marsden House held its annual musicale, an event to show off Marsden’s best cultural performances.

The event was organised by students and started off with a hilarious video created by MCs Hamish McLean (Year 13 Marsden) and Will MacCulloch (Year 13 Marsden).

The night went on to truly showcase the many talents of the school, with notable performances that included the Small House group performing PYT by Michael Jackson once more, Victor Sun’s (Year 13 Marsden) great comedy routine and finally, a great performance by Richard Lee (Year13 Marsden) and Lewis Herd (Year 13 Marsden).

The night was a huge success, with thanks to Alex Wilton (Year 13 Marsden) for his organisation of the event and MCs Hamish McLean and Will MacCulloch.   Additional thanks to the kitchen staff for nibbles beforehand.

Make sure to come next year and see another great showcase of cultural talent!

By Daniel Wright