11 Dec 2017

Monday 11 December 2017

On Tuesday 5 December a group of excited Year 10 boys joined students from schools all over the North Island to participate in BEAMS day at the University of Auckland. 

111217 beams day


The focus of the day was to introduce Māori and Pacific students to study opportunities in business, architecture, engineering, medicine and science.

“All the students had great fun participating in interactive exercises and problem-solving tasks, lead and encouraged by enthusiastic undergraduate university student facilitators,” said Careers Director Wendy Carey.

The student facilitators urged the students to invest their energy wherever they went and were a fantastic insight for the younger students.

Christian Pese (Year 10, Averill) and Israel Otunuku (Year 10, Averill) were awarded prizes for full participation, stand-out effort and leadership. Christian also won a second spot prize for knowing the prerequisite subjects to study engineering and Israel won a spot prize for knowing about business and commerce con-joints options.

“It was inspiring to know about all the study and career opportunities available to study Engineering and it was fun learning from the older university students,” one King’s student commented.