05 May 2016

Thursday 05 May 2016

On Saturday, 18 March, 12 members of the King’s College make-up group were fortunate enough to attend a course at Kryolan stage make-up company’s studio in Newmarket.


The tutorial was held by Midge Holding, a well-known make-up artist who has worked behind the scenes on BBC shows such as Doctor Who.

During the course, Midge introduced the students to the basics of stage make-up, focusing specifically on achieving the dramatised look that is required for stage. She gave us an exemplar of the look to aim for by doing make-up on one of the girls, and then we paired off and practised on each other.

The tutorial was particularly helpful in the Glee Club production of Urinetown, during which we had to recall what we had learnt about everything from contouring to false eyelashes. After grasping the basics of typical stage make-up, we were taught how to age a face, which will be helpful in both Junior Drama and Senior Drama, given that these plays often involve older characters.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the course, and having put their knowledge to great use during the Glee Club production, hope to further practise these skills during future productions.