15 May 2015

Friday 15 May 2015

Congratulations to Major House, the Big House Music winners for 2015! St John's House came a close second and School House came in at third.

Held on Friday, 15 May at the Vector Arena in Auckland City, around 4,000 people attended this spectacular event.

Head of Music at King’s School Ms Emma Featherstone, returning for her fifth year of judging, and recently instated Head of Music at Auckland Grammar School Mr James Donaldson, were the judges for the evening, having adjudicated for the College’s Small House Music just two weeks prior.

Each of the 11 Houses put on a great performance with entertaining costumes and impressive singing and dancing. Songs included movie soundtrack classics and a few recent pop hits. The evening was well announced by Reverend Gareth Walters, MC for both Big House and Small House.

The top four places from Small House then performed brilliantly (starting with Major House, followed by Marsden, School and Taylor Houses) while the judges made their final decisions.

The Big House placings found Middlemore House in 11th place, Averill House in 10th, Taylor House in 9th, Selwyn and Peart Houses tied in 7th equal, Greenbank and Marsden Houses tied in 5th equal and Parnell House in 4th.

School House came in 3rd with their rendition of Nothing But A Good Time by Poison, St John’s House came in 2nd with I Just Can't Wait To Be King by Elton John and Major House took it out with Hooked On A Feeling by Blue Swede.

The overall House Music placings were then announced with Middlemore House in 11th place, Averill House in 10th, Peart House in 9th, Selwyn House in 8th, Greenbank House in 7th, Parnell House in 6th, Marsden House in 5th, Taylor House in 4th, St John’s House in 3rd, Major House in 2nd and School House in 1st.

This is the first time that Major House has won the Big House Music competition since 2007, and the first time School House has won the overall House Music competition since 1994.

The House Music Captain’s trophy, kindly donated by previous Head of Music Mr Paul West, was awarded to Jack Forsythe of Major House.

Every House and student did themselves proud, ensuring that this year’s event was better than ever.

The College would like to thank the many people who helped to make this event a success, in particular: Head of Cultural Programmes Nikki Bentley, Head of Music Chris Adams, Headmaster Michael Leach, Bill McGarry, The Friends’ Association, Director of Activities Geoff Smith, Lighting and Sound Technician Glenn Howell and his team of students, Head of Advancement Claire Hewitt, Larissa Huston, MC Reverend Gareth Walters, judges Emma Featherstone and James Donaldson, Meagan McLaughlin and everyone at Vector, Sarah Gandy at Ticketmaster, the Music Department, Gap Tutors Henry Wheadon and Connor Davidson, John Cummins, Gary Burton, Housemasters, and finally all the hard-working, professional and talented House Music Captains and the students of King’s College.