22 May 2017

Monday 22 May 2017

It was with much excitement, that a 3500 strong crowd gathered at Spark Arena on Friday 19 May for our much anticipated 80th annual Big House Music Competition. 

The event did not disappoint and culminated in Major House winning the Big House Music trophy for 2017, as well as being named Overall Champions. The group performed Kiwi classic Slice of Heaven by Dave Dobbyn. 

Second place was won by Marsden House, who performed Queen's Don't Stop Me Now and narrowly missed the top placing by one point.

A week earlier, Marsden House had clinched the top trophy in the warm-up event, Small House Music, with their rendition of Tragedy by the Bee Gees.

Third place at Big House Music went to Selwyn House with their performance of YMCA by The Village People.

Head of Music, Chris Adams, says the standard of all the House performances was exceptionally high.

"I was particularly impressed with the House Captains and senior students who led and who all produced very interesting and brilliant performances," says Adams. "It is not an easy thing to have to stand onstage at Spark Arena in front of more than 3500 people and perform."

Big House Music at King's involves all of the students in each of the 11 Houses spending many hours rehearsing, with each House selecting their most musically talented students to form an ensemble of up to 15 members to enter in the Small House competition.

Congratulations to all the winning Houses and House Music Captains, and to all the students for their effort and commitment. Big thanks to all the staff who contributed to making the event a resounding success, in particular the Housemasters for their support of the event. 

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Overall and Big House Music 2017 winners, Major House.

 Overall House Music champion: Major House (251 points)

2nd: Marsden (250 pts)

3rd: Selwyn (246 pts)

4th: Taylor (245 pts)

5th: Greenbank (244 pts)

6th=: Averill and Peart (229 pts)

8th: Parnell (222 pts)

9th: Middlemore (220 pts)

10th: School (217 pts)

11th: St John's (214 pts)


Big House Music champion: Major House (129 points)

2nd: Greenbank (123 pts)

3rd: Peart (121 pts)

4th: Averill (118 pts)

5th=: Marsden and School (115 pts)

7th: Middlemore (114 pts)

8th: Taylor (113 pts)

9th: Selwyn (112 pts)

10th: St John's (111 pts)

11th: Parnell (104 pts)


Small House Music champion: Marsden (135 pts)

2nd: Selwyn (134 pts)

3rd: Taylor (132 pts)

4th: Major (122 pts)

5th: Greenbank (121 pts)

6th: Parnell (118 pts)

7th: Averill (111 pts)

8th: Peart (108 pts)

9th: Middlemore (106 pts)

10th: St John's (103 pts)

11th: School (102 pts)