26 Aug 2016

Friday 26 August 2016

Finn Matheson (Year 9, Marsden) placed first in the Matchplay section ofthe Intermediate Boys division at the 2016 Archery NZ National Indoor Championships in Palmerston North on Sunday 21 August.


He also placed second in the Individual Championship over both 25m and 18m on Saturday 20 August.

In the competition on Saturday, he scored a 250 over the final 10 ends, the highest score of the boys and men's divisions for the championship.

Lexie Matheson and Cushla Matheson, Finn’s parents say they are extremely proud of him for his great achievements.

“We're really proud of him, of course. He's worked hard at his archery but he has only been shooting for a little over a year, ten weeks of which he had a broken arm,” say Cushla and Lexie. 

“He has a great coach who works him hard and he really responds well. He had great focus and once he settled into a rhythm he was most impressive. Everyone says he has a great future and he is still only fourteen."

Finn is also very proud of his achievement and is amazed that he won on his first attempt.

“I'm amazed that I was capable of doing something like this at my first attempt,” says Finn.

“My coach Rob Turner said it would be a good experience for me, but not to expect to win a medal for my first time. I'm proud to have achieved a gold and silver and to be a national champion.”