03 Mar 2017

Friday 03 March 2017

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Our students competed at the Auckland Secondary School Triathlon Championships on Wednesday 1 March, taking home several awards including first place in two events. 

Year 9 student Zane Powell (Peart), who recently broke multiple school records at our House Athletics, won the individual junior boys event.

Our intermediate boys team made up of Fergus Eadie (School, Year 11) and James Archibald (Selwyn, Year 11) and George Carr-Smith (Marsden, Year 12) also took home first place in the intermediate boys event.

Estafana Fowler (Middlemore Year 13), Izabelle Ingram (Taylor Year 13) and Janneke Zwager (Middlemore Year 13) gained silver for their efforts in the senior girls competition.

Ro Bairstow, manager of the Triathlon team and teacher in charge of multisport says the efforts and hard work of all our competitors were rewarded. 

“It was a successful day for King’s at a very competitive Auckland Triathlon Championships,” he says.