31 Mar 2022

Thursday 31 March 2022

The King’s Rowing team saw a number of successes during their qualifying races, securing many semi-finals spots at the Maadi Cup competition. 



Photo: Grant Harris Photography  

At the repechage and quarter finals day, King’s rowers were pushed to their limits in the hopes of achieving a place at semi-finals. 

Our boys and girls squads saw numerous successes and achieved a place in 7 semi-finals, 3 C finals and one D final. Congratulations to Callan Ogilvie (Year 12, School) and Jack Mitchell (Year 13, Averill) who pushed hard during the Boys U18 Double Scull and took first place.

The boys U17 Quad took second place in their repechage, beating their third-place opponents by only a second in a nail-biting race! Well done to Freddie Eadie (Year 12, School) , Thaddie Cryer (Year 12, St John’s), Jackson Compain (Year 11, Selwyn), Ethan Henderson (Year 12, Major) and Lilian Kidd (Year 12, Marion Bruce) for the close win and securing their place in the semi-finals. 

To continue King’s winning streak, two of our rowers went head to head in the Boys U17 single sculls. Callan Ogilvie (Year 12, School) finished in third, only 3.5 seconds behind Baxter McGillivray (Year 13, Averill) who took out second place. Both boys have progressed on to the semi-finals. Only an hour later, these boys hopped back into their shells in the U17 double to win third place .

Top 3 seemed to be the theme of this year's qualifying races with Jack Mitchell (Year 13, Averill) racing in the U18 single scull. His fine form advanced him to the semi-finals with the 3rd fastest qualifying time. The Boys U16 double of Louis Upton (Year 11, Selwyn) and Alex Shannon (Year 12, Parnell) finished 3rd also and qualified for the semi-finals. 

Our girls team showed great resilience and sportsmanship despite their losses. Unfortunately our second Girls U17 double of Jasmin Kearns (Year 12, Taylor) and Kara Lorch-Church (Year 11, Middlemore) finished in 7th place, losing their spot in the quarter finals. However, Leala Willman (Year 12, Marion Bruce) and Holly Ryan-Salter (Year 13, Taylor) pushed through the losses and gained 8th place, qualifying for the D final. 

Congratulations to all of our King’s rowers for their huge efforts while competing at this years’ regatta. We are looking forward to all of your successes at the next semi-finals!

Thanks to Continental Cars Porsche and Structurflex for their support of King's Rowing. 

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