07 Jun 2017

Wednesday 07 June 2017

Student And Staff News Big Band

On Thursday 1 June the King’s College Little Big Band visited the Bruce Mason Centre for a workshop and concert given by the Rodger Fox Big Band and special guests from the USA. 

The afternoon began with a talk by Adam Schroeder, a top baritone saxophone player from America. This was followed by students being split into different instrument groups for workshops.

After the workshops, attendees were treated to a performance from the New Zealand Youth Jazz orchestra.

The evening concluded with a concert from the Rodger Fox Big Band, which featured different soloists, including Alex Spiagin, a trumpeter working with Michael Brecker and the Mingus groups; and Tony Lindsay, a singer with Santana and winner of 11 Grammy awards.  

Year 10 student Jack Beveridge (Selwyn) says it was great learning from Adam Schroeder about saxophone tone and the music industry.

“I loved learning from top musicians and would highly recommend going to watch the Rodger Fox Big Band.”